Video Announcements?


Taking the old standard announcement into the media age. A video announcement reaches farther with the ability to be seen in service, around your campus, posted on your webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even mailed out to your mailing list each week.


How we strive to be better?


We shoot in 4k video pushing the video to 4 times the resolution of HD. This gives us the ability to bring the video back into HD with cleaner lines and an image that sets us apart.


The Underground is founded by three guys that have worked in ministry for most of their lives. From volunteer at the local church to being on staff we love the opportunity to serve. This gives us a keen insight to the needs and wants of your local church and how we may help you reach.


When do I get my video?


We begin shooting video on Monday when we get the announcements from you. Tuesday we will continue shooting video and begin video editing. When a video is done it will be uploaded and ready for you, we do not wait and upload them all at once. The latest you will receive your video is Friday by noon, eastern.


How do I get my video?


We create a link especially for you. Using this link weekly you will receive your video.


What about difficult words like names, places, or events?


Doing our very best to pronounce all the words correctly is important. Anything that we have a question with, we will call and ask about.


What kind of things can I customize?


Depending on which package you choice the background, music, the speaker, their dress, title graphics, intro and exit video are all customizable. Creating a one of a kind look and feel to your video announcement.


Do I own the video?


It is all yours. You can post on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, email it out, play it in service, and around your campus.


What if I have problem with my video?


Please call us asap we want to help! 440.853.1340 If it is a software problem you will need to contact the software company, but if it is our video we will make it right.


How do I pay and when?


All transactions are made through our website. Renewals are set by the day you sign up with us.